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Lose Weight – Weight Loss surgery is as easy as changing what you eat to lose weight

how to lose weight during quarantine

Lose Weight – Weight Loss surgery is as easy as changing what you eat to lose weight

The National Institute of Health and other studies on how to lose weight, show that more than 60 percent of the population in the United States is overweight or obese. Other countries that have adopted the Western diet and lifestyle have experienced increases in health and weight problems in alarming proportions. Furthermore, 90-95% of people who lose weight gain it back within two years. 

One in three people are trying to lose weight at any given time, and while the track record for trying is good, the track record for succeeding is not. A person is unable to lose weight and reduce body fat due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise techniques and not genetic predisposition. 

Trying to lose weight and regain health can be challenging for anyone, and most people who lose weight do so, on their own, with the help of a weight loss program. If your goal is to not only lose weight and restore good health but also to ensure that the results are permanent, you need to embrace a food philosophy that is enjoyable and healthy, both of which can develop a great lifestyle.

How to Lose Weight ?

Weight is composed of water, muscle, and fat. The goal is to shed excess fat, so how can you lose fat if you continue to eat fat? It’s important to gradually reduce your calorie intake and maintain good nutrition so that your body’s natural system doesn’t shift into starvation mode, which triggers your system into believing that you need to eat more.  

A weight loss plan that emphasizes nutrition, based on fresh vegetable juices and raw foods, like in the book, “Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future” by David Wolf, will show you how to regain your health, weight and your life. Drinking water is necessary to flush out your system, keeping you healthy and free of toxins, but you can not burn calories just by drinking it without healthy foods and an exercise routine.

Water can help to keep your hunger under control and will also balance out the excess levels of sodium or sugar that you might get from an unhealthy diet. There are no foods that instantly burn fat, however, there are food types that can increase your metabolism which will help you lose weight. Foods rich in medium-chain saturated fats (MCSFs) or omega-3 fatty acids such as coconut oil and flax seed oil, are beneficial for fat loss.

The traditional approaches of dieting fail because they measure success only by rigid external goals, such as weight loss, the achievement of an ideal body weight. Food matters, and the true emphasis should be on the types of food and quality of food, and then your body weight will adjust naturally. When it comes to losing weight and getting rid of fat, the adherence to a plant-based diet is what it takes. Unfortunately, most people imagine a weight-loss plan where they spend hours in the gym exercising and sweating until their muscles are sore.

Their taste buds may even curl at the thought of giving up their tasty, fatty western diet.  They imagine that their lives will be a lot less fun, having to stick with a strict regimen given to them by a doctor or personal trainer. It’s time to start taking your health and weight seriously.  The truth is, losing weight can be enjoyable and healthy as outlined in the book “The Rave Diet & Lifestyle: The Natural Foods Diet with Meals that Heal”, by Mike Anderson and the included DVD “Eating”. The proven recipes in this book will help make losing weight fun and rewarding. There’s no reason to keep wasting precious time, money and effort on unrealistic fad diet routines, placebo supplements, dangerous drugs or procedures and machines that provide, at best, temporary results.

Weight loss ?

We all know that weight loss is not only a physical journey, but a psychological one as well.  Let’s be honest. Losing weight is something that most of us need to consider at some point in our lives. If you can commit to reclaiming your health by changing your diet and lifestyle you will begin to own and claim your future  The most important part of losing weight is realism, as even the most effective diet/exercise routine is useless if impossible to maintain long term. Review all of the information on this site and learn the benefits of a plant-based diet. Second and third opinions are always recommended. 

Although health issues are the motivating tangible benefit of weight loss, the overall rewards of removing excess body weight is an increase in self-confidence, lifestyle and a new wardrobe. You are what you eat and that is the main factor in determining how to lose weight. You have now been empowered with the knowledge to take control of your health and to save your life. It’s not what you learn in life that counts, but what you are able to teach.“Those that have the privilege to know have the duty to act” Albert Einstein. 

Bookmark this site because it will always be updated and improved to remain an award winning information and reference site. The books and videos featured on this site should be part of everyone’s health library. Don’t forget to tell the people you care about – everyone. These are the lessons of good health and abundant life that are learned and enjoyed by being a vegetarian and being in control to lose weight.

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