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Laser Surgery for Snoring

Laser Surgery for Snoring

Laser Surgery for Snoring is a general term for Laser Assisted Uvula Palatoplasty or LAUP. The advent of surgical implementation of lasers on all fronts led the way on snoring too. Laser Surgery for Snoring has been a popular option to the desperate bed mates of the hard core snorers to fall back upon.

Snoring always is the result of some kind of obstruction to breathing while asleep. It may be because of the over grown Uvula, fat accumulation in the throat, or your tongue falling back. A genetic and a psychological angle also cannot be ruled out. Snoring can be very harsh at times with some people. Snoring occurs when the soft palate vibrates when there is constriction to breathing. Medications, sleeps therapies, exercises to throat, yoga and special appliances for jaw and throat help reduce snoring. But the effectiveness and permanence can be sought in Laser Surgery for Snoring, LAUP.

Laser Surgery for Snoring is a short surgery but like all conventional surgery requires preparations and follow ups post surgery. And how many operations are required is a subject mater of your surgeon's decision. The procedure of Laser Surgery for Snoring is quite simple. A local anesthesia is pre sprayed around the soft palate and the Uvula. A little while later the same anesthesia is injected to uvula. This numbs the area as a precursor to incisions by laser. A hand held laser device is used to make incisions and the actual depths of cuts depend on the length of the soft palate. Some clinics claim Laser Surgery for Snoring doesn't require down time. The procedure itself is quick as laser (CO2) coagulates blood vessels. However sore throat kind of pain sustains for over a week.

Laser Surgery for Snoring is effective if the cause is in uvula. Improper jaw positioning while asleep or fat accumulation or even the psychological ones can hardly benefit from Laser Surgery for Snoring. Still, physicians are of divided opinion about the efficacy of Laser Surgery for Snoring and its recovery. But if one were to consider the number of populace that is affected, this does not stand the test of statistical validation.

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