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Laser Sinus Surgery

Laser Sinus Surgery

Laser Sinus Surgery is a new laser treatment for sinusitis. Sinusitis is the infection of sinus, a small cavity that connects skull to the nostrils. When this is infected, the passage is restricted. And aeration and mucosal drainage is hampered causing irritation sometimes combined with bouts of head aches. Sinusitis has caused millions of lost work and school days. Laser Sinus Surgery seeks to clear the blockade with the help of an endoscopic laser cutting tool.

Recent developments in Laser Sinus Surgery make use of warm saline water with laser for instant irrigation of the ablated area for better control and comfort. Use of water helps magnify the field of view by optic properties.

However the basic principle of Laser Sinus Surgery uses endoscopic laser cutting tool. An optic fiber (4mm in diameter) with head light assists viewing while surgery is performed. Laser beams in controlled intensities are allowed to the infected tissues and polyps in the passage till they shrink clearing the way for easy passage of air and mucosal drainage. Laser shrinks the tissues by burning them and coagulating blood vessels. The diseased tissue removal is made easy because of the coagulation. The bleeding during the procedure is not quite high. It ranges from minimal to normal.

The Laser Sinus Surgery can be performed either as an inpatient or on an out patient basis. This can run for anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.
Are you a candidate for Laser Sinus Surgery?

The advantages of the Laser Sinus Surgery can be availed by all considering certain factors. In such cases as small sinuses or passages, Laser Sinus Surgery can help you. A CT scan reveals if you have small sinuses and passage. Recurrent bouts of chronic sinusitis for long can also benefit from Laser Sinus Surgery. If you have asthma or bronchitis, you should discuss this with your doctor before hand.

Post Laser Sinus Surgery

Slight bleeding and discomfort continues for over a couple of weeks. Packing with gauze and antibiotic will help. Avoid heavy exercising, blowing your nose and dry weather for at least 4-6 months. Saline water washing may help keep nose moist.

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