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Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss

Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss

Lap Band Surgery a procedure that is only done when a person wants to lose a large amount of weight. This is a decision that no one should take lightly. You will want to make sure you have done plenty of research. Once that is done, talk to your primary care physician to make sure this is your best option.

The surgeon will go over all aspects of the lap band surgery, before, during and after. They will show you the lap band and where it will be fastened around the upper part of the stomach. When this is done, it creates a small pouch in the stomach and the lower part will stay normal. There is a reservoir for adjusting the lap band, that will be positioned right below the skin.

Before all of this is done, as you know now because you are doing your research, you will need to see lots of specialists. These will include, a dietitian, where you will receive a food diary that is kept for a week. This will determine whether lap band surgery is necessary. The dietitian will also go over the diet you will be on after the lap band surgery.

You will need to see a  physiotherapist to make sure your respiratory needs are being taken care of. Sometimes, after lap band surgery, you may find it not as easy to breathe. You may also cough up mucus. So they make sure you know how to breathe and cough so recovery is faster.

 A psychologist is brought in to make sure you are mentally ready for this. This can be a life altering surgery and being mentally healthy is very important. They have to make sure that lap band is what you really want to do. Talking it out with a professional is always the best way to go.

Sometimes lap band surgery can't be done. This might be found out during the surgery. There are a number of reasons for this, like bleeding problems. Or a larger incision may need to be made and thus more complications could happen. In this case, a longer hospital stay is in order.

After the lap band surgery, you will feel some pain, but the staff will be getting you out of bed and walking soon after. This is to prevent blood clots from forming. It also will relieve any breathing problems and prevent bed sores. X-rays will be taken to determine that the lap band is in the right place.

Your stay in the hospital will be for about one to three days. It will all depend on the healing process and whether of not there were any complications. If all is well, you should be able the resume normal activity in a week or two. Lap band surgery is one of the ways in which a large amount of weight can be lost in a pace that is healthy for you.If you're ready to take charge of your weight, investigate whether or not lap band surgery is the best choice for you.

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