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Home Remedies for Abscessed Teeth

Home Remedies for Abscessed Teeth

One of the most common emergencies of the mouth for which people seek help is an abscessed tooth.  A person that is suffering from an abscessed tooth will experience pain from pressure, swelling and sensitivity to heat.  The abscessed tooth has become infected and as the abscess grows, it puts a great deal of pressure in the tooth area. 

This inflammation of the tooth or gum is called an abscess.  Most of the time these conditions require treatment by a dental professional, but there are a number of natural home remedies that will relieve the pain from abscessed teeth.

If you are experiencing pain in the mouth, you may have an abscessed tooth.  It is advisable to see a dental professional as soon as possible.  There are ways to minimize the pain of an abscess.  One way is to apply a hot compress to the cheek area for five minutes about every half hour.  Rinse with warm salt water afterward.  This may assist in releasing the pus.

Another home remedy for abscessed teeth is to use a cotton ball soaked in Echinacea tincture on the abscessed tooth area. 

It is known that herbs have a soothing effect on the nervous system so another option would be to try various kinds of teas made from valerian, wild lettuce or hops. 

Some specific home remedies to try for an abscessed tooth while waiting for dental treatment are:

Mercurius 30c: for copious saliva or spongy gums

Belladonna 30c: for the first signs of an abscessed tooth

Silicea 30c: for a well developed gumboil, abscessed tooth

Gunpowder 30c: abscessed tooth area that is discharging pus

A mouth wash that may relieve the pain from an abscessed tooth is a solution of Hypericum and Calendula.  Use 5 drops of mother tincture of each to ˝ pint of warm water.

A couple more ideas to relieve the pain from an abscessed tooth are to pour a few drops of vanilla extract on the abscessed tooth area and also to pour a few drops of oil of oregano on the paining tooth. 

Anyone that is experiencing pain from an abscessed tooth needs to first seek professional dental assistance.  Many of the home remedies will help relieve the pain from the abscessed tooth but will not cure the problem.  Try a variety of the home remedies for abscessed teeth to see which remedies work best for you.

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