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Low car insurance

Low car insurance

Do you want to get a low car insurance that is easy on the pocket and will save you lots of money ?  Here’s how ?

  • Find the right company that suits your insurance needs and requirements.  With an insurance company that corresponds to your resources and understands your necessities, you can lower the cost of your car insurance.  It is essential to scout for the best bargain- one that would give comprehensive coverage, and high quality services at a lower price.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more details.  When scouting for the right insurance, it will help to pay some attention to smaller details.  Low car insurance does not mean sacrificing value for price.

  • Check for all possible discounts.  Confirm with insurance companies discounts that you may be eligible with such as “affiliate discounts” or “defensive driving discounts” or “low mileage discounts” or “anti-theft device discounts” to name some.  Also, if you have more than one (1) car, it is highly suggested to insure both or all of them to avail of higher discount rates. 
  • Weigh your options when it comes to insurance deductibles.  During a claim, this is the amount you shoulder first before the insurance company takes over.  Normally, one would avail of a low deducible plan in anticipation of a future incident and claim.  At times, it is sensible to apply for higher deductible and save on insurance premium as against lower deductible. 

  • Annual or semi-annual car insurance policy?  An annual policy is slightly lower in premium rates than a semi-annual policy.  This gives you more savings as it gives you a fixed rate against a rate that is variable in six months time.

  • Verify the coverage that you need.  You may be able to drastically cut cost on your car insurance premium if you forego or lower coverage that are deemed as extra, or something that you don’t need the most.  A good analysis of your needs is essential.

  • Keep your credit rating score high.   Keep it clean.  A clean credit rating may mean lower insurance rates as more often; insurance companies use your credit rating as one of the basis in underwriting your plan.

  • Consider automatic deduction for your premium payment.  You cut on those additional charges with automatic payment plus you save yourself from stress come payment time (especially if you have a poor memory).

  • Loyalty or Reduced Cost?  If you happen to have established a long-term relationship with your insurance company already and found a great discount somewhere else, and are tempted to switch loyalty, stop and think twice or thrice.  Wouldn’t it be prudent to discuss this first with your long-time insurer?  Give them the chance to match the discount.

  • Maintain your good driving record.  Nothing beats this as a sure-fire means to keep your low car insurance plan rate.  Strive to be a low risk.  You do not only save on premium rates, you save cars and you save lives as well.

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