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Here’s Why Scientology is a Dangerous Cult

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Here’s Why Scientology is a Dangerous Cult

Scientology critic Chris Shelton likes to call the Church a “destructive cult,” which is certainly an accurate description that many critics use. Bloggers like Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega frequently focus on the Church’s obsession with money as its principal defining characteristic. These assessments are virtually impossible to refute. However there’s one description I’d like to add that isn’t often used, and may be the most important consideration when evaluating the Scientology movement. They are dangerous. It’s something that I don’t think gets said often enough.

If Scientologists were just a bunch of wild-eyed fanatics, with kooky beliefs, that wouldn’t be a problem. However, the Church has a deadly combination of qualities that make them a serious danger to society, and especially dangerous to anyone who dares criticize them.

First, let’s look at the money they have, and what it ultimately means. Although it’s difficult to produce exact figures, let’s agree that “gazillions of dollars” will suffice for the purpose of this article. L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t merely motivated by greed. He understood that having great amounts of cash gave his organization considerable power. For example, the Church hires private investigators to carry out much of their Fair Game dirty work. These PIs can harass and intimidate the Church’s critics and detractors while the Church keeps its own hands clean. It’s a little bit like a mob racket, and just as potentially dangerous and destructive.

The Church also has plenty of resources to hire however many lawyers they need to control and manipulate the legal system. Litigation is always a formidable weapon in their aggressive attacks against anyone they consider stands in their way. In effect, the Church of Scientology can buy their way in or out of any situation they choose. Lawful or unlawful, they walk free every time.

Rounding out their arsenal of tactics is Scientology’s public relations. Though it’s somewhat of a kinder and gentler aspect to their more militant ploys, the money they spend on PR gives them the ability to make a big noise across any and all media channels to further their propaganda. Facts and reality be damned.

But money alone can’t always carry the day. The Church relies on a core group of single-minded followers who are convinced that no matter to what extreme they go, they’re creating good for world. These zealous activists are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their Church’s ends.

At the center of Scientology’s crusade are the policies of L. Ron Hubbard. His writings are absolute, and there are severe consequences for questioning or criticizing a single word. A Scientologist’s only option is obedience and compliance. To make things worse, every Scientologist believes that the entire world should be operating off of Hubbard’s “technology.” In fact Hubbard has commanded that anyone who opposes his worldwide movement must be destroyed.

“We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.”

L. Ron Hubbard 2 Dec. 1969
“Intelligence, Actions, Covert Intelligence, Data Collection”

This is standard Scientology. It’s not some secret arcane knowledge available only to a select few. Scientologists are drilled and indoctrinated with this twisted instruction, and others like it—directives they happily carry out with a clear conscience, convinced that they’re saving mankind. Destructive Cult? Absolutely. Dangerous? Without question. So I wonder, should we just sit and wait until some unhinged Scientologist steps over the line? I think not.

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